Monday, 9 March 2015

Songwriting Challenge - Week 4

Week 4 - Write a country tune

Wow what a fantastic exercise - this competition is certainly taking me out of my element. Not only as a songwriter but also as an instrumentalist. So far I've had to sing (Yikes), play piano and now try playing a couple guitar tracks on this tune. I did bring in a dear friend of mine, Tony Raybould, to help me lay down a vocal track.

I think my song ended up being a little too influenced by pop but after listening to a bunch of top 40 country songs I thought I'd take a stab. The song is called Believe and I tried my best to stay away from relationship topics, drinking beer, and hanging out with buddies. This song is all about giving people hope. I actually wrote this tune a while ago and will record it on a new Motown/Funk/Soul project I am doing but I thought I could tweak the song for this challenge.

Thanks so much for listening
Brian Asselin

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